• Transnet

    This letter serves to confirm the long standing relationship that Transnet Port Terminals, a Division of Transnet Ltd, has forged with Bird Control Services over the last number of years.

    More recently over 2011 and 2012, they were employed at the Durban RoRo Terminal to provide and implement an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the effective control of bird species roosting in the storage, inspection and workshop areas. Prone to habitation by pigeons and the associated risk of droppings on new and used vehicles as well as other cargo, their innovative use of gel and netting solutions has resulted in the eradication of bird colonies nesting in the affected areas.

    Bird Control Services' professional candor reflects in their quality of work with exceptional after-sales service.

    Should you wish to confirm details or require further information in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Matthew du Sart, Environment and Quality Officer

  • Willowton Group

    Dear Allen,

    I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for resolving the pigeon problems at Willowton Group Pitermaritzburg (factory and warehouses).

    We are the producers of edible oil based products, and one of South Africa's largest manufacturers of FMCG products. Our process lends itself to contamination by birds, but our product quality cannot be compromised. In the past we tried various methods of controlling our bird infestation but without any long term success.

    Bird Control Services was called to survey the problem, and have since over the years treated our extensive factory and warehouse sites using Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel wherever bird problems have manifested within the building. Since treating our factory site buildings the situations has improved to the extent that the pigeon issue has ceased to exist. The on-going inspections by your staff are also appreciated and I have no reservations in recommending your services to any company with similar problems.

    Please feel free to advise any potential new customer of yours to contact me if further information is required from a satisfied client.

    Faisal Modi, Factory Manager

  • Tongaat Hulett

    Tongaat Hulett Sugar Refinery is the oldest sugar producing refinery in South Africa, producing over 610 000 tons of Refined sugar a year. Being a basic food producer, cleanliness and high quality standards of our product are strictly controlled and constantly assessed. The bird problem at the refinery has been one of the major cleanliness problems going back many years. Circa 1999, we called in Bird Control Services to tackle the bird problem not only in our various processing and packing plants, but also our extensive warehousing facilities. Over the years they have treated these buildings using their Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel with great success. Their service and back-up is professional as can be determined by the "no-bird" result in our many treated buildings of our Rossburgh site.

    We average over 25 customer, legal audits every year and Allen and his team have ensured that our Warehouses and Packing operations are very well protected from birds. Their product ensures no harm to the birds and ensures that they don't rest on rafters or overhead pipes but rather in the nature reserve that is on the south side of the plant.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Bird Control Services to any potential client referred to me.

    Grant Cockburn, Tongaat Hulett Sugar Refinery S.H.E.S. Manager

  • Afripack

    As the person representing the Risk Control Department of Afripack, we have found your product to be the most effective bird control around. We have researched and looked into other options, and your product remains the best. You have successfully reduced the amount of birds in our warehouses.

    Your after sales service is fantastic. You are consistent and reliable to ensure that our site is free from birds, and if anything has been identified, you do not hesitate to assist us to treat these areas.

    Thank you for your prompt service.

    Chantelle Webber, Risk Control Practitioner

  • Nutrapharm

    We have had repeated problems with infestation by birds in our warehousing facility, particularly by starlings. Our internal prevention measures were proving in-effective.

    We approached Allen Bullard of BIRD CONTROL SERVICES to address this problem for us.

    The team arrived when promised, carried out the work quickly and professionally and we are very happy with the results.

    We have had no further problems with birds and I would have no hesitation in recommending Allen and his team to companies with bird infestation issues.

    P. Brierly, Managing Director