Spectre-Net Bird Exclusion System

Spectre-Net® is the most advanced purpose manufactured bird exclusion solution on the market. Get birds off your building for good!

How it Works

Spectre-Net is the only custom-designed, locally-manufactured bird exclusion netting in South Africa.

The product’s success lies in its durability, longevity and the custom nature of the manufacturing and installation. No two nets are the same, and each is carefully installed for a perfect fit to provide a long-lasting physical barrier to those areas where unwanted birds have established themselves.

Spectre-Net is the finest physical barrier to birds available. Since
1987 every Spectre-Net installation has been custom designed and manufactured in our factory to exacting SABS standards. It is then perfectly installed to ensure it is an attractive, fully functional addition to your building.

8 Year Guarantee

The quality of our Spectre-Net® manufacture allows us to guarantee our installation for a period of 8 years! Spectre-Net installations completed in and around the greater Durban area pre-1990 still stand proud as testament to the quality of the Spectre-Net Bird Exclusion System.

This guarantee covers any defects in the net due to the manufacturing process as well as the installation of the net and the associated components and workmanship. The guarantee does not cover any negligence or misuse of the product by either yourself or any external contractors who may look to remove, detach, cut or tear the product for maintenance purposes. Nicks, tears and damage caused by vehicles, sharp objects, burns and general laxity are not covered under the guarantee.

While other bird netting is supplied by the meter, our netting is manufactured to specification for a perfect fit installation. Its design utilises a unique webbing sandwich border offering strength and durability. This custom fit renders the nets almost invisible to the naked eye.

Are birds messing with your business?

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