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The Leader in Bird Control Since 1987

Over nearly three decades we have employed the use of our own, locally developed and manufactured brands – both of which remain the industry benchmarks. All this has allowed us to provide our clients with exactly what they need – A GUARANTEED solution to messy birds on their buildings!

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Are Birds Messing with Your Business?

Bird Control Services deals primarily with feral bird populations including pigeons and common myna birds. We also deal with urban populations of naturally occurring birds such as red winged starlings and sparrows. Each of these birds poses their own specific problems which can cause havoc in the long run for stored goods and personnel alike.

The Problem

South Africa is home to over 850 species of birds. This diversity in our country is an incredible privilege and it is only a handful of birds that we are faced with as a problem in day-to-day life. Ultimately, the birds on your building are not the problem, their droppings are! 

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Increased maintenance due to deterioration of machinery, equipment & work surfaces resulting from the acidic bird droppings.



Financial losses suffered as a result of droppings on products in storage or awaiting shipment which requires cleaning or replacement.



Potential condemnation of stored products, especially food products, due to unsanitary conditions.



Birds create a constant and great amount of mess leading to increased janitorial costs for labour, cleaning and disinfection of work areas.



Nuisance factors involved with flight patterns over the area resulting in droppings on vehicles, people and machinery.



Birds’  play host to over 60 airborne diseases and parasites which pose a real and serious risk to employees.

The Solution

Our success is rooted in the fact that we still provide something that no competitor of ours can –
A guaranteed, custom designed solution to your bird infestation problems.

Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel

Vamoose® Bird Repellent Gel guarantees the harmless yet 100% effective removal of messy birds from buildings and warehouses.

Spectre-Net Bird Exclusion System

Spectre-Net® is the most advanced purpose manufactured bird exclusion solution on the market.

Our Clients

With over 4000 factories, food distribution centres, refineries, mills, logistics warehouses, large manufacturing plants, commercial and municipal buildings, hospitals and residential complexes successfully treated in KwaZulu-Natal alone, we take pride in listing many of the top companies in South Africa as our customers. Read more >