Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel

Vamoose® Bird Repellent Gel guarantees the harmless yet 100% effective removal of messy birds from buildings and warehouses.

How it Works

The sticky property of Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel is the mechanism that causes birds to evacuate all treated areas. Birds returning to roost or land, quickly find themselves in an unknown situation. 

The tackiness or stickiness, the same ingredient that makes surgical plaster sticky, and much like honey is sticky, gives birds the feeling that they are being held or attacked by something.

The treated areas immediately become associated with danger, compelling them not to return. This physical reaction to the product ensures the birds’ new association with the area: ‘Stay Away!’

2 Year Guarantee

Vamoose® Bird Repellent Gel is guaranteed to get rid of your bird problem. This guarantee is straight forward in that if the birds are not repelled from the surfaces treated with Vamoose the product will be reapplied free-of-charge.

Our product is applied in strict accordance to our specifications. These specifications insist that all areas adjacent to the infested site be treated as well. In some instances, to keep costs down, this aspect is waived. If birds return to these untreated adjacent areas however, these cannot be included as part of the guarantee.
BCS Bird Control Services will ensure that you are totally satisfied with the results of your Vamoose application. If birds do come back to an area treated with our product, we will re-apply Vamoose free-of-charge. Any first instance touch-up will carry no cost to you at all. If further touch-ups are needed (which is unlikely) we would charge only for our labour in re-applying the product. The product should however last for 5 years, and even up to 7 years if used in a sheltered and dust-free environment.

Are birds messing with your business?

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